Carnival Expelling Winter Spirits In Germany


Carnival Expelling Winter Spirits In Germany – For celebrations Idn Sports carnivals that are held or usually called the time of celebration in Germany, such as in the city of Cologne for example.

At the height of the 5th season celebrations in Germany, the cities along the Rhine will be filled with people using various types of costum which are very unique and strange if we imagine. Starting from the old, young, big and small, for gender there is also no obstacle, everyone can join women and men in having fun and having fun.

On Monday there was something unusual about that morning, namely the train we were riding to the city of Cologne was filled with people who were already dressed and wearing various types of costumes with different shapes. Not only parents, but even a lot of children use unique costum so it looks very cute with colors.

When the train to Cologne city arrived, all the passengers moved down and walked out of the station, then the passengers joined the thousands of residents who were also dressed very unique and were partying. They also enjoyed various types of music, as well as dancing and while welcoming the parade of dozens of carnival vehicles that were convoying through the city streets.

Fasching Carnival Expelling Winter Spirits In Germany

The highlight of the 5th season celebrations in Germany is especially interesting, because the cities along the Rhine are filled with people. The city of Cologne is located in the northern state of Rhein Westfallen and is one of the most lively locations for carnival season in Germany.

Monday is the day of the biggest parade which is usually called the Rosenmontag (Monday Rose). The carnival session will end on Wednesday which is also called Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday). After that Wednesday there will be no more parades or celebrations for the people living in Germany.

Then during the Rosenmontag parade, candy and sweet foods will be thrown from the parade vehicle at the people enjoying the celebration along the parade route. From children to adults, they were very happy during the carnival. Especially when the parade was passing and the people in the parade started distributing snacks, candy, vegetables, chocolates, Koln perfume to various other kinds of toys.

Young and old, big and small, men and women, all joined in the joy of the carnival. Apart from Rheinland, carnival is also celebrated in other parts of Germany, but under a different name, such as “Fasching” which is known in southern Germany.

Carnival Season In Germany

Carnival in Germany, which is often referred to as “season 5”, is entering its peak. Cities along the Rhine will be filled with people in strange costumes.

Köln, the capital of the Carnival Carnival celebrations take place in cities on the banks of the Rhine. But the biggest celebration is in the city of Cologne. Nearly the whole town was swept away in the frenzy of Carnival. Don’t be surprised if people are seen laughing and drinking on the street or on public transportation. If someone spontaneously takes your hand and asks you to dance, don’t be surprised. It was common during the Carnival season.

Then what can be witnessed? The answer is below:

  • Can be kissed, her cheeks are red
    Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get a kiss on the cheek from someone you don’t know, boy or girl. It’s also common during Carnival days. To his fans, it is a sign of the Carnival spirit of friendship. So get ready!
  • All kinds of costumes
    Anything is okay. That’s the motto of costumes during Carnival. so it’s up to you to dress as you want or imitate whom. Carnival is not only celebrated on the streets, but also indoors, in restaurants and bars.
  • Ready for noise
    One of the most important musical instruments is the hammering drum. During the Carnival parades, the music doesn’t stop playing, and it’s usually quite loud. People dance spontaneously on the street, dancing and rocking into the night.
  • Come on in the fun
    If you want to meet Germans and join parties, go to a pub or a teahouse. Carnival parties take place in every district throughout the city. The drink that continues to flow and is most in demand is the Köln-origin beer, called Kölsch. Almost every city in Germany has its own beer.
  • Dance floor
    During carnival times, there are usually only tables in the pub. The rest is the dance floor. There is food served, but don’t expect warm food. Usually only cold bread. If you want to drink, don’t wait for the waiter to come to order. Beer will be circulating in glasses, most of the time, all you have to do is pick it up, but of course it’s not free.
  • Big parade Monday Carnival
    The biggest day of the parade is Carnival Monday, which is called the Rosenmontag (Rose Monday). In addition, there were parades of all kinds in this part of the city, until Tuesday, including the parade of school children. The carnival session will end on Wednesday, which is called Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday). On this day, there are no more parades or Carnival costumes.

History of Carnival In Germany

In Roman times it was known as Saturnalia, after the harvest every year thousands of these farmers gathered and held a party to thank Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture who had made their fields fertile and provided bountiful and satisfying harvests.

The entire townspeople celebrate Saturnalia, a carnival-like festival. At this three-day feast the slave and master switch roles. Masters will serve their slaves and vice versa.

Since the conversion of Christianity, Fasching or Mardi Gras is a festival that symbolizes the night before Lent on Ash Wednesday. People want to party and have fun before observing the 40 day fast leading up to Easter.

That’s a little of the explanation about the carnival that is often held every year in Germany. It is interesting not if there is a country that has time to make various types of celebrations so that it can make people in that country more socialized. Hopefully this article can be useful in increasing your knowledge. Thanks.

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