Loule – 110 Years Of Carnival


Now 110 years have passed since the «civilized carnival», as some Louletans called it, arrived in our land. Before, carnival was played on the streets of the village, but with such violence that many people closed themselves at home in fear of such games.

A group of wealthy Louletans who already knew some European countries at that time, brought here some ideas of what they had seen in several carnivals, namely in France in Nice, a city that still has one of the most famous carnivals in Europe with their grand Flower Battles. Joining other countrymen who liked the idea of ​​a civilized carnival for our village, they started the 1st Carnival, which is now Praca da Republica, in the distant year of 1906. So now, over that date, a hundred and ten years.

Loule remains one of the most famous carnivals in Portugal, with the originality of the cars still being lined with paper flowers and of course also with other more current materials that have now reached the market.

Here we leave some pictures of the 110th Carnival that has now ended. See you next year.

Photos by : Luís Henrique da Cruz and José Costa.

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