OS AMOLA – SCISSORS Dying Profession


They have been said to be extinct for some years.

When the few that are left, pass to the streets of our cities, towns or villages, playing their flutes and extracting from them that well-known high-pitched and unmistakable melody, there are still those who come to the window or the door of the house to see them pass by, or even to ask them to sharpen the knife or scissors that over time have been in a bad state to be used.

The scissors are accompanied by a bicycle and a wheel made of stone. There is still a certain fascination in many of us, which certainly comes from childhood, when we see the stone coming out of contact with metal, small sparks that remind us of the firework primers that were formerly bought by popular saints.

Certainly this old profession will not last long, since today a knife or scissors can be acquired quite easily and at low prices. It will be less and less likely that someone will wait for sharpening scissors \ knives to sharpen them because when they no longer fulfill their function, they are thrown away and others are bought.

For the time being, which I photographed yesterday, continues to make his rounds through the city streets, making himself announced to the sound of his old flute of unmistakable sound.

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