The Photograph Of The 3rd Carnival Fair


In the days when few families had their camera, in contrast to the days when any cell phone can take hundreds of them, some privileged ones were lucky enough to pass through any Studio during one of these Carnival days in your town or city and pose for that huge machine with a man or a lady, hidden behind it and covered by a long black cloth. Over the decades, the costumes chosen by the parents changed so that the boys could pose for posterity on that Carnival day.

The four photos we present today are from four different generations but all of them still following the usual pattern, which was the fisherman, the musician, the fairy and the Nazarene.

The boys are Luís Furtado in 1947, António Clareza in 1951 and the girls, Sofia Silva in 1971 and Telma Madeira in 1980.

It goes without saying that today, in general, it is children who choose the costumes and that they fall on their heroes from the television cartoon series or the heroes of the 7th art of today.

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